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The funeral service is an opportunity to gather before God to express grief, to give thanks in celebration of a life, and to commend the soul of the departed into God’s keeping. The service maybe short and quiet with only a few family members, or it may be an occasion of great solemnity with music and hymns. There may be a short speech by one of the mourners, some favourite readings, and a full church. It can be an occasion of great joy in honour of a life lived to the full.
Everyone in England has the right to a funeral in the local parish church, even if they have not been church-goers. Our Churches are the spiritual “homes” of everyone who lives within the parishes. Taking funerals is important part of the work for parish clergy. They give time to visiting families, comforting those who are facing loss, and helping them to arrange the service. If the priest did not know the deceased person, it helps if relatives provide some details.
The funeral director plays an important part in coordinating arrangements and will want to know what you are planning. They will advise you on the fees for a funeral service in church, at a cemetery, or at a crematorium. If the family wish it, a Mass can be part of these ceremonies. This would usually be held at St Matthew’s Church. We will help you prepare a service which remembers your loved one in a unique way, and we can guide you though the selection of music (hymns or instrumental), bible readings, other readings, preparation of orders of service, etc. At St Matthew's we can facilitate funerals in English, Spanish or bilingual.

As part of the funeral you might want to have a wake or a reception in which share memories of your lost loved one. If you wish, we can help you arrange that at St Matthew's following the funeral in our own hall.


To arrange a funeral al St Matthew's you can either contact your funeral directors and give them our details or you can telephone (020 7357 8532) or email the office to arrange a meeting with one of our clergy  (

Whether you decide to celebrate the funeral of your loved one with us or not, we are here to help and support you. If you need someone to talk to, just give us a call and we will more happy to meet up with you and listen. You are not alone.

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