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We welcome all children and families of all shapes, sizes, and make. We strive to be a place where all can come to learn about Jesus Christ and develop a personal relationship with our Lord.

Children all learn differently and interact with God differently. Our goal is to create authentic connections for children to experience and grow in their faith with God. We take care to ensure our program contain multiple teaching strategies and activities. Our programs are fun, interactive and meaningful.

Junior Church

Junior Church runs every Sunday during the 10am service. Kid's have a time exploring the Gospel and the liturgy of the day together in a way which is more informal and relaxed, and includes some games, activities and songs. Kids then join the rest of the congregation and worship together as well as sharing what they have learned with them.

Admission to Holy Communion

We run courses of preparation for first Communion most years. Children aged 8 yo and over can sign up from May to August for the preparation classes which start in September. Admission to Holy Communion takes place in May. If you would like to know more, or to sign up, press the button below.

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Congratulations on wanting to explore confirmation with St Matthew's. Confirmation can be an important part of a lifetime journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to find out more, click the info box.

Mum Space

Are you pregnant or do you have children under 3?
Come and share your ideas in a place where your children can come and play, meet other mums from your local area.


You can also access support and welfare information. A Health Visitor attends our group and will give you advice and tell you about other available services that you can access.

Drop in during term time on a Wednesday from 11am to 1pm.

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